If you live in our area we can deliver Superfast Broadband to your home and business.  We live and work in Midsomer Norton, building our network to reach more and more surrounding areas.

We are bringing Superfast Broadband to Communities left behind in the race for decent connections.  We don’t have all of the answers but we definetely solve a lot of the problems, particularly in rural locations where the alternative is running miles of expensive cable across deserted countryside.

We are providing the service using Fixed Wireless and Fibre – this means we can get to you quickly and with minimum disruption. If your property needs more specialist connections this may take a little longer, but we strive to get you connected.   We will keep you informed along the way.

We never over promise – if we say it can be done it will be.  On the rare occasion that we are unable to reach you we will tell you strait away while looking for a solution to get you connected.

FIBREWAY LIMITED is private limited company registered in England and Wales , No: 11490777