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We pride ourselves on our first-class support. From your first contact with us we strive to provide a personal service, specific to your needs. We provide excellent service both pre and post installation. Our team live in the area and

Speeds up all your devices

Many people don’t appreciate the difference a Superfast Broadband connection will make to their lives. We find that many people are so used to the speeds and connection quality they are currently getting, that they believe it’s not possible that

How it works

We have two main methods to provide you with a superfast broadband connection: Our FTTP service essentially refers to fibre broadband that is connected directly to your home instead of a cabinet that services the area. We carry out a

Check for the packages we offer

Simple pricing, no hidden costs, no data limits.


Are you working from home?

For those people who work from home most of the time, we have dedicated packages with double the upload speed compared to the regular ones. This means that all e-mail messages, even those containing large attachments, will be sent or received at lightning speed.


Thank you for an excellent installation of my new fibre broadband, from a quick & professional installation, to a broadband connection that has doubled my speed from BT, no drop outs & a constant reliable 100Mbps & half the price.

Jonathan Mennell

The service I had from Fibreway was one of the best I've had for a long time. My internet and phone are so much improved since Fibreway. I'm very pleased.

Peter Bailey

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