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No matter what we do we aim to provide you with the best support ever. From  our first contact with you to the technical survey, contractual matters and  installation – we will stay in touch with you throughout the whole

Speeds up all your devices

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Super Fast connection to the Internet

Our service provides you with a superfast connection speed and unlimited data. The service is delivered using leading-edge wireless technology and there is no landline required. There is normally a dish antenna installed on your property that will point to

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Simple pricing, no hidden costs, no data limits.


Are you working from home?

For those people who work from home the most of the time we  dedicate packages with double of the upload speed comparing to the regular ones. This means that all the e-mail messages even containing jumbo size attachments will be sent with a light speed.


Fibreway helped me to migrate from 0.2Mbps BT line to a fixed wireless service also installing a new more powerful WiFi router, we now easily see speeds around 30-45Mbps. What a joy for our kids watching YT without constant buffering and no more troubles working from home!

Mr. Ian Jennings