Many people don’t appreciate the difference a Superfast Broadband connection will make to their lives. We find that people are so used to the speeds and connection they are getting that they no longer believe that their connection can be improved.  Until now there has been no real alternative, but with the latest technology of pure fibre and fixed wireless internet we can move away from the old system and experience a fast, stable reliable connection.

I am sure you notice a dip around tea time or weekends when everyone else is accessing the Internet. The old copper cable system just cannot cope with the demand. It doesn’t matter if you pay for the extra speed it all comes through the same system. The system that no longer matches our requirements.

So what would faster stable speeds give me?

All Accessing the Internet Together?  Mobile phones, iPads, notebooks, PCs, game consoles, Sky boxes, media players, even some boilers, use an Internet connection. You can expect Superfast Broadband to support the increasing number of devices in the home.

To determine how much bandwidth your home really needs you need to know how many computers, smartphones and other devices will be accessing the network, and what kinds of apps and programs are being run on a regular basis.


It means no buffering and no waiting, you can watch programs such as iPlayer or Netflix without interruption and YouTube without the irritating ‘circle’ in the middle. Experiencing minimum fluctuation of speeds and no evening drop-outs. In other words, have your sanity restored!


You need a constant smooth connection at about 10-15Mbps to get the best from streaming. Anything below this and you start having problems with interruptions. With the old system, the higher the quality needed the more problems you will experience.

Remote Working

Faster internet speeds make it possible for staff to work from home, or from other remote locations. A fast internet connection allows workers to share documents without having to email them to each other, share storage space and more. If your internet connection is slow and unreliable, your network runs the risk of becoming slow, bogged down or even crashing. Custom designed networks that meet the specific requirements of your business, including bandwidth, will prevent these things from happening.

Employee Productivity

Fast internet allows your employees to be more productive. Downtime means money down the drain. The speed that comes with sufficient bandwidth allows your employees to meet deadlines, connect with suppliers, customers and potential clients, back up information, collaborate with co-workers, develop and implement innovative ideas and more.

Faster Backup Speeds

Off-site network storage and networked backups usually require large data pipes.  Many businesses store data in the cloud or have storage servers in remote locations.

For those using cloud a decent Internet connection is essential

Depending on how vast amounts of data is being backed up slower internet speeds means slower back up times and slower production.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing as in Skype, Whatsapp, Hangouts, Messenger is becoming increasingly popular. To get the best out of it you need a fast internet connection. Sufficient bandwidth speed, both up and down for the information to flow both ways during the conference call is needed


If you are unsure how much bandwidth you need we are happy to speak with and help determine your personal Internet needs.