As we begin easing out of lockdown, we’re all beginning to think about how certain things may not return to pre-pandemic norms. One of these areas is Working From Home. WFH is likely to remain far more common going forward thanks to the unique opportunity lockdown has given employees and businesses to see it work. New research suggests almost half of workers believe they will spend less time in offices as a result of the pandemic. Indeed, there’s even talk about potential legislation which would give workers the legal right to choose to WFH, where their duties could be performed outside the workplace. The positives are undeniable:

  • More time for families to spend together
  • Reduced travel and childcare costs
  • Avoiding the stress of travelling to and from work
  • Less pollution
  • Less overcrowding
  • Improved mental health and wellbeing
  • Better productivity, employee retention and quality of work

But what’s the absolutely essential factor for most when WFH? Well, apart from an individual’s self-discipline to remain focused whilst working in an environment with potentially more distractions, it’s access to decent, proper internet connectivity! Yet sadly, even in 2020 Britain, many households simply do not have this. That’s why we at Fibreway, many of whom WFH ourselves, want to continue helping our local communities to change this.

So why not give us a call or drop us an email to setup a free, no-obligation survey today? All of our customers get a free 14-day trial to assess the quality of our service. If you’re not 100% satisfied with it, we’ll simply remove the service at no cost to you. There really is nothing to lose! 🙂

Working from home looks likely to remain more common